Best Skill Fishing Rods – Review 2020

Fishing is a treasured occupation that earns many people living. It is a valuable economic activity as well as an enjoyable recreation. Like any other investment, you need efficient equipment to reap optimum benefits. Successful anglers know that fishing is about useful tools, skill, competence, and a bit of luck. For a big catch, you require an excellent fishing rod that exhibits precision and strength.

Do you use fishing rods and need a better option of the same on the ground? The market is full of numerous brands and designs of fishing rods. If you are an angler, finding the right tool without research may be an uphill task. As a result, the needs and disappointments of customers like you have prompted us to do this review. We will highlight and bring into perspective 11 best skill fishing rods that you can consider for incredible results in the water.
Read the following fishing rod reviews to find your perfect gear.

1. Shimano Talora Downrigger Fishing Rod

For a breathtaking angling experience in freshwater, purchase Shimano Talora Downrigger fishing rod. It stands out as the best reel and rod combination for all fishing forms. It includes the planer board, downrigger, lead core fishing, and dipsey lead.
As you try to catch your fish of choice, you will need this reliable, durable, and robust combination of a Talora rod and a Tekota reel. It will give you the most convenient fishing arrangement you will enjoy.

The Talora rod is lightweight but has functions that will impress any angler. All Talora series get their build from the Shimano TC4 construction. They comprise of a dynamic T Glass with an outward and inward high-level graphite modulus.

It also has a Fuji reel seat made of TC4 construction as well. Together, they make the best fishing rod and reel combo. It is preferred for use even under constant pressure that comes with trolling large water bodies.

The handles are made of EVA foam, which gives them a comfortable and sturdy grip. The EVA handles feature a design that will prevent wear and tear when drawing the rod from a holder.

The model of the wireline is secure because it uses a lightweight roller lead. You can remove the butt cap using the gimbal underneath.
It is a fishing rod that features a revolutionary concept for anglers. The build is functional, and the rod deceivingly lightweight but durable.

Shimano Talora Downrigger Fishing RodPros

· You can purchase the rod as separate pieces and assemble on your own.
· Uses grade A cock grip
· The EVA form handles have a comfortable grip
· It uses a revolutionary TC4 construction for the reel and rod.
· For freshwater use only


· Not for beginners. It can be complex to understand all its scope of capabilities.

2. Ugly Stik Elite Fishing Rod

It is one of the best fishing rod brands for both professional and beginner anglers. Its performance is unmatched compared to the previous ugly Stik series. The reason is that this model is extra lightweight. Made from only 35% more graphite, yet it still retains its strength and toughness typical of the brand. The graphite adds to a unique feel as it contributes to making the rod more lightweight.
The fishing reel handle features a comfortable cork grip that enables you to fish for hours. The hook set is reliable enough as the clear spin rod generates more response and power. It also has a bright tip that will make you feel the response from the smallest nibbles or any strike made by the fishes. However, the good news about this tip is its versatility. You can use it with any kind of fishing line, including the braid brand.

The model has a one-piece of stainless-steel ugly tuff guide that will remove any pop-outs for your convenience. It has a new design spool seats with metal hoods that hold your spool firmly in place.
The most significant advantage is the seven-year warranty that makes this model gains the confidence of its users. Because it is durable and just the right price, you will enjoy fishing for many years getting great performances each time. It is the best rod in the market for spinning reels.

Ugly Stik Elite Fishing RodPros

  • Has so many advanced features
  • Has an invisible and stylish blank construction
  • The precise tip makes for great fishing performances
  • It is incredibly lightweight, and you can have lengthy fishing sessions without getting tired.


  • Sometimes the lines fray when the rod gets snapped

3. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Best Spinning Rod

Users who have experience fishing with this brand attest to its durability. You will find that it can take a beating without giving in year after year. It will, therefore, need very little maintenance over the years.

The build is a combination of graphite and E-glass. It makes the rod have a fast action response that anglers usually prefer as it is best for all fishing expeditions. You will have the perfect tip to cast lures to a mile and still be able to turn over a fish as it heads for cover. The sheer power of the rod is incredible. Most anglers have found so many uses for the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger spinning rod. All you need is to have the best power and length for all your different fishing needs. It means you will be in your element as you are fishing for small native trout or dragging a 40-pound cobia.

The outstanding feature has to be the build of this fishing rod. The outer surface is from carbon fiber wrapped around on a graphite core. The purpose is to produce a rod that can bend in extreme proportions without breaking. It is useful if you are fishing for a northern pike or a big catfish.

The design makes it capable of handling big freshwater fish that loves the fight. It is not for inland fishing alone as it is useful in marine fishing. They are both responsive and sturdy at the same time. You can easily catch a panfish with it or drag a big game fish along.
It has 6-8 guides and a comfortable grip on the handles that makes you enjoy fishing sessions for hours.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Best Spinning Rod


  • Can be used for both inland freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Durable and versatile in its uses that makes it the best choice for anglers
  • Has a reinforced rod tip
  • The rod has bending ability without breaking making it suitable for spinning hard fighting fish
  • Sensitive and robust for both small fish and big game fishing


  • It is not as sensitive compared to other brands

4. Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod

If you love traveling a lot and need to carry your fishing rod with you, then this is the ideal choice. You will find that it is easy and fast to assemble and disassemble when on your travels. The material of the rod is IM8 graphite, which makes it very versatile and ideal for swift action.

The chrome-style guides are not only attractive but add to the overall function of the rod. It makes it minimize friction and cases of abrasion. The guides also help to reduce the chances of your line breaking all the time. The manufacturers have also added a double lock ring, which makes reel attachment easy.

The design also comes with a shoulder strap, which makes it sling easily on your shoulders for a much more improved fishing experience. The shoulder straps also help to free your hands when trekking towards your favorite fishing spots.
It has a black color that will prevent it from spooking the fish. It also the best bass fishing rod suitable for use in a windy environment. The half well cork is comfortable on your hands, giving you the perfect grip. You can enjoy lasting fishing sessions without fatigue on your hands.

You will find the smoothest gliding fly rod in this model as it is built with ceramic guidelines. It can be assembled in four pieces making it travel safe and ranks as the best fly rods in the market. It gives a good fish fight without conceding its ground or breaking. Both professional and beginner anglers will find it accurate and easy to use.

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly RodPros

  • It comes with a tube that has four separate compartments for each rod.
  • The design has alignment lines making it easy to assemble in weak lighting areas.
  • Has an excellent flex and is durable
  • After you break it to pieces, it becomes small enough to fit a small travel bag
  • Any climate fishing rod. It can be used in both cold Alaska and the tropical Bahamas.
  • Fast assemble and disassemble
  • It comes with a shoulder strap to make carrying it comfortable.


  • Most beginners complain of complicated handling.

5. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

It is probably for the experienced angler who relishes the catch of a big fish. The manufacturers use a high carbon quality matrix to make the fishing rod have incredible strengths, durability, and power attributes.

It is among the best fishing rod brands that care for the buyer. It makes sure that you enjoy catching your fish fast and efficiently because of the extra details added to the rod. One of the features is the comfortable grip by the cork handle. It will make you enjoy your fishing session for hours without getting fatigued on your hands.

They come in so many variations that make it ideal for every angler regardless of their height. The rods are lightweight as well because it borders on sensitivity and fast action.

The fishing rod is quite versatile and perfect for all kinds of fishing. These include Kayaking fishing, saltwater fishing, and freshwater fishing.

The fishing line is firm and protected from breaking by the guides. The design is perfect for portability as you move from different fishing zones.

The flexibility of the rod is astounding as it can handle large fish and have a decent fight without breaking. It has the best rod and reel combo that makes it useful in all environments.

It has a smooth power transition that makes it feel like a one-piece rod. The spigot joints assist in giving a steady flow of power on the fishing rod blank.

The tips have a design that makes it almost invisible to fish, making it easy for them to catch the bait. Using this model is ideal because it gives you the allure of easy fishing when others around you struggle to make a catch.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods


  • Has additional strength for catching big game fish
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Durable but flexible to accommodate a hard fight with big fishes.
  • It offers a smooth transition for a two-piece fishing rod.


  • The lower ends of the fishing rod is a little weaker compared to other fishing rods of the same

6. Wildwater Fly Fishing 9 foot Deluxe 4 piece

It is among the best beginner fishing rods in the market today. It gives you the advantage of a slow action as you learn to steady yourself on the rod and reel. It is suitable for use in gentle casts and small streams.

The starter pack for all your fishing adventures comprises a booklet to help you with your gear set up. It also comes with a storage pouch that has a zipper to safeguard your rods. The best of the package is the waterproof floating box to keep all your stuff in one place while fishing.

It has a western grip on the reel handle that makes for exceptional comfort and longer fishing sessions.
The rod is extremely lightweight and uses the IM6 graphite. It weighs around 5.7 ounces and five 0r six weight line. The rod has a mid-flex that makes this model convenient to use for fighting fish as well. The idea of the fishing rod is to make it lightweight for slow action fish catching.

The package is also ideal for backpacking, catching trout, small and medium-size fish, panfish, and little bass fish. It is best to use the rod in the following areas, small and medium streams as well as ponds.

The accessories also include a line nipper that has a nail knot tying tool as well as a poker for cleaning the hook eyes. It is a Wildwater fly fishing reel, and this means you can change the reel sides from right to left. Initially, the reel comes on the left-hand retrieve.

Wildwater Fly Fishing 9 foot Deluxe 4 piece


  • Perfect for slow action fishing
  • Has a convenient mid-flex fishing rod construction
  • The best fishing rods for beginners
  • The rod has a lifetime warranty.


  • Replacing the reel is not an easy task.

7. Piscifun Sword Graphite Fishing Rod

If you are looking to stand out among your fishing buddies, then this model will do it for you. It has a sleek, thin design that you might mistake for vulnerability. In essence, it is quite durable and has a variety of uses, making it a versatile brand.

If you are at an advanced stage in your fishing journey, then this model will probably suit you. It is available in many combinations at excellent prices. The options to choose from are power and length. Some dots align on the rod to assist you when lining them up. The manufacturers had in mind a long-range rod for fast action and short ones for slow motion. It adds to your choice of fishing and fishing techniques as well.

The ingenious construction allows you to enjoy long hours of fishing without feeling fatigued on your hands. It uses the full wells caster to give you a long cast while out fishing enhancing your chances of baiting fish.

The rod has a perfect balance even when casting on a long-range. It uses IM7graphite to make it both durable and flexible at the same time. It also has a smooth guide for the line made of both smooth ceramic and chrome.

The rod has excellent accuracy for casting makes fishing easy even for beginners when they try out. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it the best fishing rod and reel combo in the market today.

Piscifun Sword Graphite Fishing Rod


  • Precision accuracy for placement and instant pull power. It is the difference between getting a big
    fish and learning a fishing lesson.
  • Both professionals and beginners. Has different rod sizes to give a choice of fish size and fishing
  • Versatile and can best for use in both saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • It is compact and comes with a travel case to make it travel friendly.
  • Ingenious design that aligns efficiently and accurately.
  • Lightweight and ceramic guides give smooth gliding of the fishing line.
  • It is affordable


  • End segment of the rod is weaker compared to other brands

8. KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic Fishing rod

KastKing BlackHawk is one of the best telescopic fishing rod varieties you can have. It is a six-piece rod that is for performance anglers who wish to get the most from their fishing rod. They feature a collapsible and portable characteristic making it useful if you are moving to different fishing spots. It is also decent to be used anywhere in the world as it gives high-quality performance each time.

The Eva handles have accurate sensitivity and will give feedback at the slightest nibble. It has a Toray 24-ton carbon feature that makes the rod flexible and convenient for different fishing techniques.

Assembly and the maintenance of the rod are smooth, making it the best telescopic fishing rod at just the right price. When on transit, you can leave the line and the reel on the rod without fear of them getting any damage. It makes it safe for plane travels as it takes so little space.

It has a comfortable handle with a grip that allows you to fish for longer hours without getting blisters. It uses a SAF T hook to keep the hook in place, ready for your next fishing experience. It has a smooth extension function. You begin at the top by extending the lines on the guides so that you can get a real line from the tip to the reel.

Contracting is easy as all you have to do is give it a small twist and allow it to go back to the holster smoothly. It weighs only one pound, making it light and adequate for travel. It comes with many free line guides that give an actual casting performance as it avoids dead spots.

KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic Fishing rod


  • Has a comfortable EVA handle that allows a secure grip.
  • It is the best telescopic fishing rod
  • Only one pound making it compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Users are assured of a high-quality fishing performance


  • The reel seats are not perfectly aligned
  • It has a twisting line guide that makes it easy to tangle up the fishing line.

9. Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 Fishing Rod

It is an ideal fishing rod for kids. One of the best fishing rod brands you will find in the market today that favors children who like to go fishing. It is a high-quality brand that contradicts some parent’s beliefs. They think children do not need a high-performance fishing rod.

The reason this is the best brand for children is that it has a higher tolerance. Children’s fishing rods are associated with a lot of wear and tear. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 fishing rod will favor your kids as they try their fishing abilities on all common species, including the crappie, bass, and panfish.

The model comes in a variety of sizes to fit children of all ages. The rods consist of fiberglass that makes them durable. There also different power levels to mark the growth of your child’s fishing progress.

The rods are sturdy and have ugly guides (hence the name) that enable your kid to throw long casts. It also has a one-piece of stainless-steel inserts with a classic Stik clear hook.

Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 Fishing Rod


  • Suitable for kids of all ages
  • Made from durable materials making it hardy for extensive use over many years
  • Has different power levels to mark your child’s progress
  • A fishing rod for kids that guarantee a high performance
  • It’s easy to maintain and set up.
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Has a definite tip for sensitivity


  • Some kids find it complicated to use

10. Wildwater Fly fishing rod

It is among the best bass fishing rods available in the market today. It is suitable for both beginners and professional anglers. The fishing rod comprises unique materials that make it hardy for big game fishing. The rod is both flexible and durable.

The large arbor fly sits on the rod to ensure that you get to enjoy long casts and smooth retrievals as well. The company has lots of confidence in the durability of this product that it offers a lifetime warranty. You can be sure that it is by far the best fishing rod and reel combo that will last a lifetime once you buy it.

The best thing about this product is the extra accessories that accompany it. It has a rod shock, a reel arbor, an instruction book, and a pre-installed line fishing line. As a buyer looking to get the most from your purchase, this product will meet all fishing your needs.
The reel is from aluminum die-cast material that makes it last longer even when used in seawater. The stainless-steel safe hook keeper also makes your hook ready for the next fishing expedition. The manual ensures that you have a guide and can use the fishing rod without any previous experience.

It is a product that guarantees all anglers an enjoyable fishing session as it has a comfortable grip.

Wildwater Fly fishing rod


  • A complete fishing set
  • Durable yet flexible for sensitivity and convenience while fishing
  • Has a pre-installed line that makes set up easy and fast
  • Comes with a durable bag which makes it easy for you to travel
  • Lifetime warranty is given on the rod by manufacturers


  • The rod will bend if you put on extra pressure

11. Bluefire Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

It ranks high as one of the best telescopic fishing rods. If you want to have a great experience fishing on both freshwater and saltwater, then this is your brand. The Bluefire fishing rods are more extended than conventional rods. The idea is to make the reach farthest while fishing from the mainstream.

Some models of this brand are expandable as well, adding to your depth when fishing. For professional anglers, the best fishing rod and reel combo is one that gives the best experience. It has to be sensitive to nibbles, durable, and flexible as well. The fishing rod also needs to be comfortable on your hands for a more extended fishing session.

It is the brand that offers you a combination of all the little luxuries found in individual fishing rods. The frame is from a carbon material that is so lightweight to make it easy when carrying it around. It is also suitable for traveling as it collapses on a fold to occupy limited storage space.

It is the best fishing rod that has a large capacity to accommodate that can catch lots of fish without collapsing under its weight.

Bluefire Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


  • High performance and high-quality fishing rod
  • Comes from durable materials that make it long-lasting.
  • Lightweight
  • Collapses for easy transportation
  • Suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Affordable


  • The reel has no protection case, and this makes it vulnerable to wear and tear.

The Ultimate Fishing Rod Buyers Guide

1. The length of the rods

Different lengths of fishing rods have different uses. The shorter lengths that average six to eight feet are suitable for smaller rivers and streams. But if you want a good experience in lakes and oceans, the longer fishing rod should suffice. It is better if the rods range from seven to ten meters.

The secret to buying the best fishing rod brand is to consider the place you are going fishing and get the length right.

2. Materials

The materials that the fishing rods use are different in every way. While some elements offer sensitivity, others provide durability.

Graphite is the most common material on most fishing rods. It makes the fishing rods lighter yet durable.

Some materials are fancy looking but will not last. Try and avoid all fishing rods made of wood and fiberglass.

The materials also determine the best fishing rod and reel combo, making you have the perfect fishing experience.

3. Grips

Most beginners tend to overlook the quality of the grips. As it is, you will get tired if you have a weak quality grip. Fishing is a patient activity that needs you to hold much longer on your fishing rod than you assume. It is not automatic that a fish will bait every time you cast your fishing wire into the water. If you have a reasonable budget, you can get the best grip separately. The half cork is the most reliable and a preference to most anglers.

4. Budget

Just like so many other products, there is always an alternative. There are cheaper stocks and more expensive ones. The budget you have can limit your experience. The best bass fishing rod is not accessible if you have limited funds.

The general principle for buying a good reel is that it should be twice as costly as the reel. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other things involved, like you should consider your fishing level. It would be sad for a professional angler to use a below-par fishing rod because they cannot afford a high-quality one.

5. Action

The best fishing rods have different types of levels and actions. Some are slow action while others rate as fast response. What this means is that medium action rods are suitable for small ponds and catching small fish. Fast action rods are best for larger water bodies like lakes and the ocean.

As for the slow action rods, beginners should use them with three hooks as they try to find their level of fishing power.

6. Portability

If you are planning to fish anywhere around the world, then you need a fishing rod with more pieces. For example, a four-piece fishing rod packs easy than a two-piece. Therefore, traveling with your fishing rod becomes easy, and you can continue your hobby wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I know about the types of fishing rods?

Fishing rods are identified by their structure, technique, and where they will be of use. There are two primary structures to consider

  • Spinning rods

These are good for beginners as they are easy to reel in once the fish takes the bait and bites the hook. Reeling in the fish is much faster as the line will never tangle.

The handle of a spinning rod is on the side of the non-dominant hand. It means you will handle the rod with your dominant hand and reel using your non-dominant hand.

  • Casting rods

They have a smaller eyelet and face upwards. It will make the force go on the rod as opposed to the holes with the spinning rods. Learning the fishing technique using a casting rod is complicated, and you will take time.

It can be costly to maintain as the line keeps getting tangled on in the reel. It will make you replace your fishing lines often.
There are other types of fishing rods, including the telescopic, fly rods, sea fishing rods, and ice fishing rods.

2. What is the best material for my fishing rod?

The best fishing rod is the ones made of graphite. They are expensive but extremely lightweight and durable. It also offers the most sensitive and fast action rod in the market. Other materials include bamboo rods, fiberglass, and composite.

A composite fishing rod is a combination of graphite and fiberglass, which adds to a smoother finish, more sensitive and more durable.

3. What is the ideal length of a fishing rod?

The length of your fishing rod matters a lot. Getting the best bass fishing rod needs a longer rod. You can also select the range by the level you are at and your strength. Professional anglers prefer longer fishing rods.

4. What do power and action mean when fishing?

Power refers to the amount of bend you need on the fishing rod to drag the fish. A stiff fishing rod has lots of energy and hence will bend less.

Action refers to the bend whenever pressure is applied on the tip. Fast action will bend at the tip only while a slow movement will have the entire rod bending. A fast action rod offers more sensitivity than a delayed response.


Finding the best fishing rod is easy if you know what your intentions are. It can be you want to fish for big game fish or just a small panfish. The best fishing rods are all listed here – different brands, but the ultimate rod is the Shimano Talora Downrigger Fishing Rod. It is high quality and extremely sensitive fishing rod for professional anglers. All the best in your selection!