If you are a seasoned fisherman, you have probably heard of, or participated in surf fishing at some point.

Surf fishing is the practice of standing on the shore and fishing in shallow water to catch a variety of fish.

This type of fishing is popular among those who might get seasick or just love fishing on land. Despite popular belief, there are actually quite a few species of fish that you can catch right off the shore. All it takes is a bit of knowledge, patience, and of course, the best surf fishing rods in the industry wouldn’t hurt either.

If you are looking for the best surf fishing rods and some information about what makes these rods so distinct from one another, then you are in the right place. We’re going to be covering all that and more, in our complete guide to help you find your next surf fishing rod.

1. Okuma Nomad Travel Spinning Rod

Okuma Nomad Travel Spinning Rods were constructed for anglers who want their total experience to equal the quality of their destination, and that includes fishing great rods. Constructed in three pieces and utilizing European spigot ferrules, Nomad Travel rods deliver one-piece rod performance. Secured in a custom padded and waterproof case, Nomad Travel rods travel easily in overhead luggage bins, alleviating the difficulty and expense of long rod tubes.

Each Nomad Travel Spinning rod includes two tip sections, one lighter and one heavier, to increase versatility. Premium components were chosen for rock-solid dependability with the realization that home may be continents away. As traveling with rod tubes continues to grow in difficulty and expense, Nomad Travel rods are a great solution and cheap insurance for a quality trip.

The most premium components have been specially chosen to give you a sense of luxury and rock-strong durability. The Okuma Nomad Travel Spinning Rod comes in a safe and secure, custom-padded case that also supports water-resistance.

2. Okuma Nomad Inshore Graphite Travel Rod

Next up ahead is the Okuma Nomad Inshore Graphite Travel Rod. This surf fishing rod is meant for those anglers out there who believe in catching fish at the first go.

With OC9 technology, the rod is built out of ultra-durable graphite. In order to provide extra protection, a multi-layered carbon outer wrap enables you to travel along with it, sans any breakage.

This 7-inch fishing rod is ideal for pros as well as beginners. The European Spigot ferrule connection offers the feeling of a one-piece rod. With this model, you don’t need to worry about any slippage from your hands at is comes with a split-butt rear grip design.

The Okuma Nomad Inshore Graphite Travel Rod is fully loaded with features. Some of these include ALPS guides with zirconium inserts, an aluminium trigger, a durable cork fore, and rear grips. Apart from these, it has so much more to offer!

The most amazing part about this fishing rod that it provides you with a lifetime warranty! This means that you’re good to go all your life. Plus, you can always pass this on to your little toddler, who eyes your ultra-dimensional fishing-rod today!

3. Berrypro Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

BerryPro Surf Spinning Fishing Rod, which has been specially curated to give wings to the angler within us. Combining sensitivity and strength, this monster surf fishing rod is constructed with 36-ton X-carbon technology blanks that make the rods durable and sturdy.

The body of the fishing rod is made of enhanced stainless steel, while the fishing rings are made out of ceramic for a smooth and easy performance. The best part about this surf fishing rod is precisely-aligned guides that facilitate easy transfer of sensitivity to the rod when aiming for a long cast.

This excellent surf fishing rod comes with a variety of high-quality components, some of which are its high-strength reel seat, high-density EVA grips, non-slip tube design, textured carbon fiber rod surface, and anti-wear rubber butt cap and many more. All these certainly make your fishing experience phenomenal.

Its professional structure and design ensures toughness and flexibility. It comes with a one-year warranty and falls under a decent budget, which makes it a great deal to purchase.

4. Fiblink 4-Piece Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Fiblink 4-Piece Surf Spinning Fishing Rod. Constructed with highly-sensitive and solid carbon-fiber, this rod ensures smooth performance-action and increased sensitivity.

Moreover, the carbon-fiber delivers extraordinary toughness and precise action for a convenient fishing experience. The high-quality guides, built out of stainless-steel and ceramic, resist any friction for smooth, long casts. They also boost sensitivity by increasing any vibrations to the rod and then to your hands.

Holding on tight will not give you any pain here, as the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod comes with a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle with a tapered rear grip tip. Also, the butt ferrule connection provides the fishing rod with sturdiness. The entire package includes one fishing rod and a rod protection bag, hence making it easy to carry around!

The traditional yet sporty appearance of this surf fishing rod makes it a great fit to use. It also has a precise angler-calculation that lets you win a great catch and makes fishing a smooth experience. All-in-all, this fishing rod is cost-effective, and also comes with a one-year warranty.

5. Echo Ion XL Fly Rod

The Echo Ion XL series of fly rods are an upgraded version of the fan-favorite Echo Ion series of fly rods. These saltwater-grade fly rods see a drop in weight, new aesthetics and are still the toughest fly rods that Echo has ever produced. Available in 6-10 weights, the Ion XL series of rods have the power to push big flies and big casts, even in the wind, for trout, bass, pike, muskies, steelhead, salmon and a plethora of saltwater species.

The new Ion XL is extremely versatile; although it’s designed for saltwater, these rods can also be used for freshwater streamer fishing and Steelhead fishing. Rajeff Sports created these rods to be accurate from a host of distances in multitudes of fly fishing scenarios. As a result, the Ion XL is a rod that boasts solid all-around performance and great castability.

Featuring a remarkably low swing-weight and a more forgiving action, the Ion XL is equally at home stripping flesh flies as it is dropping a merkin to a tailing permit.

6. Okuma NTS-S-1004MH Nomad Travel Surf Rod

Okuma NTS-S-1004MH Nomad Travel Surf Rod were constructed for anglers who want their total experience to equal the quality of their destination, and that includes fishing great rods. Constructed in three pieces and utilizing European spigot ferrules, Nomad Travel rods deliver one-piece rod performance. Each model includes two tip sections, one lighter and one heavier, to increase versatility while keeping luggage to a minimum. Premium components were chosen for rock-solid durability. Secured in a custom padded and waterproof case, Nomad Travel rods travel easily in overhead luggage bins, alleviating the difficulty and expense of long rod tubes.

The NTS-S-1004MH Nomad Travel Surf Rod is a great choice for all anglers out there. It comes with OC9 technology and is built with graphite, which makes it durable to use. It is also coated with a carbon outer wrap for external protection.

This surf fishing rod boasts fuji-k concept guide frames that resist any wind knots with braided lines. The product has also been made for those who want their fishing experience to equal the quality of their destination.

It can easily detach into three pieces, which makes it easier to take along anywhere.

7. Santiam Fishing Rods

Assembled in a set of four pieces, this durable surf spinning saltwater rod has been specially curated for distance casting. Keeping in mind one’s passion for worldwide angling, the Santiam Fishing Rods not only look amazing but also work as per your needs.

The length of each section varies between 9 and12 inches, which makes it ideal to carry around wherever you go. It has a slim X grip that lets you hold onto it conveniently without any hassle or pain. It comes with a durable aluminium reel seat and aluminium oxide guides.

These fishing rods lead the industry with the highest amount of fishing utilities and aim at delivering you the best fishing experience you will ever have! This beauty is backed with a warranty of three years, which makes it a great fit to purchase when looking for a product that fits your budget.

8. Tsunami Airwave Saltwater TSAWESS-932XH Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Surfcasting is usually a distance game with longer casts often required to reach prime territory. The Tsunami Elite Series surf rod selection has been designed to achieve maximum distance performance with the least amount of physical effort ! Each model has been tailored to specific lure/sinker and line ratings to allow for long hours of use without the fatigue often associated with other rods. Extra Long thick walled ferrules on the 70/ 30 split 2 piece models ensure one piece rod performance and strength while allowing for the portability of 2 piece 70/ 30 style surf rods.

Sized at 9 inches, the product is no less than a box full of added features that transform your fishing experience into something extraordinary! With it, you get to switch between a lighter, stronger, and heavier means of casting.

The construction is highly durable and well thought-out. It is built with high-fiber, density graphite and facilitates a super-quick and improvised shock recover for better casting. The Fuji-k guides are also tangle-free for smooth usage.

This surf spinning fishing rod is covered with a layer of stainless steel so that it does not break or detach easily. Another addition is the EVA foam and diamond-textured shrink vinyl grips on the rods, which make it convenient to hold onto the rod without any trouble.

9. Tsunami Airwave TSAWSS-1202XH Surf Rod

Tsunami Airwave TSAWSS-1202XH Surf Rod delivers strong powerful high-fiber density blanks with no excess weight. The result is a stronger, more powerful, lighter weight, high performance rod for inshore surf fishing. All-day casting no longer means sore arms and a tired angler because light weight is part of every Airwave rod design from the high-density blank to the Fuji Concept Alconite guides used on the inshore models, tough, smooth braid proof guides used on the Surf series and the Grade A cork or durable, textured vinyl grips. The high-fiber density blanks provide extreme sensitivity and more resilience to transmit more power to each cast. That means more distance and accuracy with less effort. Once the hook is set the reserve power in each blank helps beat braggin` size game fish. If your arms are tired after a day of fishing with Airwave rods…its just means you caught more fish!

This fishing rod not only looks stylish, but is also efficient. Sized at 12 inches, it delivers a strong and durable performance.

It features powerful high-fiber blanks with no excess weight. This means that you can indulge in fishing-fun all day long without worrying about sore arms, thanks to the lightweight Airwave rod design.

10. Star Rods SG1740S11 Stellar Surf Spinning Rod

Designed for serious surf fishing, Star Stellar surf rods were built to be strong, yet lightweight enough for all day comfort while fishing. Star Stellar surf rods are built tough and feature quality components that are designed to last cast after cast.

Built tough, these Stellar fishing rods feature quality construction with a powerful graphite blank and trusted components. It also features a Fuji reel seat, 6 guides, and a non-slip cork tape grip. For extra fish-fighting power and comfort, this rod has a 5.5″ foregrip and a 20″ butt. Additional Details: This particular Star Stellar surf rod measures 11′ long and breaks down into two pieces for easier transportation and storage. Line weight and a 3-8 oz. Lure weight, this rod was rated for heavy power. Get one today and head to the beach! 11′ Rod Length, 2 Pieces. 5.5″ Foregrip & 20″ Butt.

The best thing about this surf fishing rod is that it offers a limited lifetime warranty. So you can have truckloads of fishing fun without going through the hassle of purchasing fishing rods every now and then.

11. Santiam Fishing Rods Travel Rod

The Santiam Fishing Rod is a multi-utilitarian product that comes in handy for those who’re big-time fishing enthusiasts. It is a four-piece surf fishing rod with a composite blank and a highly-durable spinning rod that’s also saltwater-resistant and crafted for long-distance casting.



The section length is 36 inches, which makes it perfect for air-travel. After all, giving wings to your hobby in another part of the world makes everything better! Furthermore, it is easy to hold and has a durable X flock handle along with aluminium oxide guides.

It comes in a protective casing, packed in a soft cloth,

and aims at delivering an exceptional fishing experience. The Santiam Surf Fishing Rods are also blacked by a 3-year warranty.

12. Tsunami Airwave Elite Series Tsawebc

Last on our list of the best surf fishing rods and reels 100 is the ever-so-dynamic Tsunami Airwave Elite Series Surf Fishing Rod. It consists of high-density blanks with a lightweight build that, in turn, provide increased resilience when it comes to transferring power to every cast.

Now, you can have loads of casting fun all day without worrying about sore arms! Alconite guides are used in these fishing rods. Also, the grade A cork and textured vinyl grip ensure that you’re able to easily hold onto the handles.

The best part about this surf fishing rod is that it inhibits a super-smooth shock-recovering technique for an improvised casting. So any sudden jerk would help you stay wherever you are, and at the same time bring your catch closer!


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