There are many reasons why spin fishing poles are the most popular. The best spinning rods are versatile, easy to master and use, simple to cast, and active and fun to fish with. They can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing for trout, salmon, perch, bream, pike, walleye, bass, and more.

Whether your specialty is finesse fishing or you’re a beginner in the sport of fishing, a top quality spinning rod that suits your fishing style and target species is the most important piece of equipment.

To make it easy for you to find the best spinning rod for your needs and for the money, we’ve reviewed the top spinning fishing poles and explained what you need to look for when choosing a spinning pole. First of all, here are the best spinning rods when it comes to quality, performance, and value.

1. UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

This rod is lighter and stronger compared to the previous Ugly Stik models.  Ever since its release in 2013, this Ugly Stik rod has been a game changer, and every fisher is glad they added this rod to their fishing collection.

The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning rod has the strength of the previous Ugly Stik rods, combined with recent upgrades that make it even better. It has a new rod design which integrates graphite into the fiberglass thereby giving it a matte black color. The guides have a new single piece design and are now made of stainless steel, making the spinning rod even more durable. The balance point has been shifted to the rear end of the rod making it easier to cast.

This rod offers 15 casting models, 20 spinning models, and three pack rod options. Some of the signature characteristics of the Ugly Stik, such as the clear tip design, are still visible on the new model.

The Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod offers the best price to value ratio compared to other fishing rods in the market. With prices starting below $40, you can even decide to purchase of few models and it still won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod comes with a seven-year warranty. For such a durable piece of equipment, this is just amazing.

2. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod offers added strength and increased sensitivity. When compared to the original model, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod delivers uncompromising performance for anglers of all skill levels.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod features Ugly Tech Construction with 35% more graphite than the GX2 Ugly Stiks to give anglers a lighter weight, more sensitive rod, while retaining the strength and reliability Ugly Stik fishing rods are famous for. The Ugly Tuff 1-piece stainless steel guides are super slick so line flows though smoothly, while providing maximum durability and eliminating insert pop-outs. The Elite rod blank is finished off with Ugly Stik’s signature Clear Tip® fiberglass tip that delivers extra strength right where you need it. Exposed blank style reel seats with cushioned stainless steel hoods hold reel in place securely, while increasing anglers’ contact with the blank. The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod uses premium cork grips to provide a comfortable and sure hold, even in wet conditions.

3. Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning Rod

Young anglers experience precision performance with the Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning Combo. This spinning combo provides a cutting edge design and features a lightweight graphite body and rotor, high density EVA, a Texas rigged hook keeper and a 2 ball bearing system. The Ike Dude Spinning Combo was inspired from professional bass fisherman, Mike Iaconelli. Catch more fish with the Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning Combo.

The Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning Rod is affordable, easy to use, has a cool look, and is perfectly balanced to fish bass, blue hill, crappie, catfish, and so much more. It is available in both spinning reel and spin cast reel options, which just adds more value to the versatility of the spinning rod.

It is definitely one of the best budget spinning rod and reel combos. It is absolutely perfect for an aspiring angler’s first spinning combo and for anyone looking for an affordable yet effective fishing outfit.

4. Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Rod

Like the Ugly Stik spinning rods mentioned above, the Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod also features a graphite composite construction that makes it strong and tough as well as lightweight, sensitive and responsive at the same time. Made of stainless steel that is reinforced with stainless steel inserts, this rod reaches from 4’6″ to 7’0″ in length, guaranteeing that the rod will be able to withstand the most difficult of challenges. The durable casing and strong grip offered by this rod make it ready to face any task that the avid fisherman can handle.

With the ability to handle ultralight weight actions including a ported aluminum Micro Series Spinning Reel, a well-designed multi-disc drag system, and controlled by a smooth two ball bearing system gives the fisherman an ease of operations when it comes to being out on the water. The pole is also very easy to put away and to store when it is time to pack up and go back home.

The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Combo comes with a prespooled line and is ready to go fishing. Loaded with many features that can enhance your fishing game, this rod comes with an ultra-light spinning combo that is excellent for fishing in freshwater ponds. The rod is quite adjustable and can easily adapt to any type of fishing or environment.

One of the best features about this rod is the ability to control the line as it is being cast out into the water. This gives the fisherman greater control over distant lines being tossed. This rod allows for a fisherman to expand their range of catch when on the water, making the fishing experience more enjoyable.

The rod can be used with lures as small as 1/32 oz, but still durable enough to handle a 4 Ib bass or catfish when they hit the line. Most of all, the best features about The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning rod is that it is affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget. Well priced to fit around $20.00, the Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning rod falls into the budget of all fishermen.

5. Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

The Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod is a two-piece model perfect for novice anglers just learning to develop the skills for the art of fishing.

One feature of the Shimano Solora Spinning rod is its durable aeroglass rod. This rod is flexible, enabling you to feel even the softest of fish bites. It also allows you to cast further, which means you will catch more fish. Solora fishing rod is also equipped with a solid-locking graphite reel seat. Graphite makes the reel seat extremely stiff yet rather flexible, which will be extremely helpful when applying a lot of force to the reel.

Another feature is its aluminum oxide guides that are reinforced. They enable you to detect fish strikes. That’s because the aluminum material transmits the fish strikes faster and accurately. This material is also sensitive as a result of it being reinforced. The handle of Solora spinning fishing rod actually consists of two pieces: fore and rear grip handle. Both of them are made from cork, a material traditionally used in fishing rods, which provides you with a good feel and solid grip to complement that sensitivity of the fast action.

A rather nice feature of this fishing rod is that it comes in 2 pieces. This allows you to quite conveniently store and, more importantly, transport the fishing rod. Fitting a several-foot-long fishing rod in the car isn’t an easy feat after all! As soon as you are on the spot, you only need to assemble the fishing rod to start the job.

6. Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod

The Cadence CR5 series of spinning rods offer the angler superior components, materials, and actions that far exceed the competition. The stainless-steel guides and SIC inserts provide exceptional casting performance and durability, while the Fuji reel seat’s ergonomic design makes for an extremely comfortable grip. The blanks are constructed from lightweight 30-ton carbon and come in a variety of configurations.

The premium components and wide variety of actions available make the CR5 spinning rod a must have in your fishing tackle arsenal.  The Cadence CR5 is ideal for gamefish including freshwater fish like bass, walleye, and trout as well as some popular inshore species like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. Just remember to rinse it with fresh water after using it in the saltwater.

The CR5 series of spinning rods will match or beat the performance and quality of spinning rods costing almost twice as much. Another great thing about these rods is that Cadence donates a portion of their proceeds to giving free rod and reel combos to kids. They do so to encourage kids to fish more and experience its benefits. So, not only are you investing in your fishing experience, but also sponsoring a child’s fishing experience.

7. Entsport Sirius 2-Piece Spinning Rod

The Entsport Sirius 2-Piece Spinning Rodis stylishly designed and highly rated 2 piece spinning rod which is extremely well-made, strong, durable and suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing. With a medium length and powers, it is a great pole for beginners to use.

This is a very well-made spinning pole with top quality materials and components. It has been constructed using structurally enhanced graphite blank construction which gives it an amazing sensitivity and high tensile strength while keeping it lightweight and easy to fish with.

It has an enhanced reel seat with a screw down and cushioned stainless steel hood. They are also ergonomically designed to allow direct contact with your fingers. It’s well-placed, durable and anti-corrosive stainless steel guides and inserts ensure a smooth line flow with reduced friction. The handle feels good, gives you control when casting and ensures you don’t tire even after handling the rod for hours.

The Entsport Sirius 2-Piece Spinning Rod is lightweight with a 2-piece construction, that makes it easy to travel with even if you have to hike or trek for hours while carrying the rod.Another great feature about this rod is that it features a multi-purpose hook holder, which adds to its convenience.

8. St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod

The St. Croix Mojo Inshore spinning rod is an extremely lightweight and well-built graphite rod that is designed specifically for saltwater inshore fishing.  From the time you pick this rod up, you know that you have something special in your hands.

The rod blank is made of premium quality SCII graphite.  The guides are Baston Forecast aluminum oxide with 316 stainless steel to reduce the chance of corrosion. These are coupled with a Fuji reel seat and a premium-grade cork handle (split on the spinning series) all backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

The St. Croix Mojo is not only a great looking rod that performs well, but it is comprised of top of the line components and is a 100% handmade rod. A split grip cork handle and slow-cure Flex Coat finish not only look nice, but secure the functionality of this Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod. The immaculate design of the St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod makes sure that it is strong enough to handle the weight of saltwater fish and pressures exerted by the tides.

9. Falco Rods Coastal Spinning Rod

Made with a graphite blank, 100% Fuji guides, Fuji exposed blank reel seat, and a natural cork handle, this rod is a high-quality and durable rod. It is also lightweight, sensitive, and comfortable to handle and prevents experiences of hand fatigue. It is offered in a variety of lengths, powers, and actions.

This rod is designed for inshore fishing for reds, redfish, specks, flounder, snock, and more. The cork grip and graphite construction gives it amazing sensitivity and responsiveness as well as a good casting distance. You can easily feel what’s happening to the bait.

It is made in a well-balanced manner and casts nicely. Its crisp actions result in increased accuracy and casting distance. It has the backbone to land a large game fish and can keep pressure on the fish without tearing the hooks loose.

The Falco Rods Coastal Spinning Rod is extremely flexible and sensitive, but that does not mean that the manufacturers have sacrificed on strength. It is the perfect combination of flexibility and strength and there is nothing that you will lose out on.

10. Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod

This is another top rated inshore spinning rod which is constructed with blanks and components that can withstand the rigors of saltwater environments. It has the strength to handle inshore species such as salmon, steelhead, redfish, snook, flounder, speckled trout, and many more. It is also very comfortable to use even on long fishing excursions.

Designed for harsh saltwater environments, the Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod features a carbon fiber blank to offer a light weight and strength. The 9 Fuji guides help deliver smooth line movement, while the rubberized cork handle and an ergonomically shaped Sea Guide reel seat help provide comfortable use and control. The rod also features a rubber cork butt and a hook keeper, helping you make the most of your next trip on the water. 1-piece design.

This rod is available in 6.6, 7 and 7.6 feet lengths and medium light, medium and medium heavy powers.
The rod’s action and casting are great. The one-piece graphite construction gives it amazing sensitivity, making it easy to discern fish bites. The lengths and fast action tip enhances the casting distance while the medium powers offer plenty of backbone to fight the larger fish inshore anglers are likely to encounter.

The reel seat and ergonomic grip make it a comfortable rod to cast all day. All these make fishing with this spinning rod fun and enjoyable.

11. Daiwa Exceler Spinning Rod

Daiwa’s quality is well known and this one in particular has a high-quality build and a reasonable price tag. This is definitely one of the best spinning rods for the money and it works amazingly for anglers of all skill levels. The 2-piece design also makes it a great fishing pole for travel.

Its IM-6 Graphite blank-through-handle construction makes it stiff and sensitive as well as strong and durable. The line flow is controlled by hard aluminum oxide guides and the reel attachment feature is a stainless steel hooded reel seat.

The natural split foam and cork grip present in this rod offer a great feel and balance making it comfortable for fishing all day long without fatigue. Lengths include in 6’, 6’6″, 7’ and 7’6″. The 2-piece construction also makes the rod easier to store and transport.

The lengths and medium power make this freshwater spinning rod versatile, as it can handle a variety of freshwater fishing situations. Equipped with matching spinning reel and fishing line, this pole fights fish well. Graphite construction and a fast action tip make this rod very sensitive and even the slightest strike doesn’t go unnoticed.



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